Marv Hamm's Genealogy Home Page -- Photo Album 7
James  Waller  Leon  Hamm  &  Margie  May  Higgason  Hamm

Louisville, Ms.    1965
James  Waller  Leon  Hamm
Ada  Ozema  "Zemmie"  Hamm  Minor

daughter of Francis James Hamm  and  Henrietta Gazaway

1963 photo at home in Columbus, Ms.

born  June 13,  1883   died  July  1966
Ada  Ozema  "Zemmie"  Hamm  Minor

with  neice  Allegra  Kitchens

                                                                           Excerpts   of   notes   from   Allegra   Kitchens

My grandmother, Mary Evaline (Evie)  Hamm Kitchens was born July 26, 1878.

I am third child and only daughter  of Bennie Lamar Kitchens, Evie Hamm Kitchens oldest son.   I have one half brother,
James W. Kitchens who lives in Louisville, MS. and the other brother died a few years ago.

My Great Uncle Jim Hamm, (born 1898), the son of Frank James Hamm,  had 7 children.  Several of them and their children still
live in Mississippi, around Louisville.  

There are many of the Hamm descendents in Mississippi.   The Hamm and Kitchens family lived across the road from each
other in Louisville and were friends before Evie married my grandfather, Walsie, around 1899.  My father was born in Louisville
in 1903 and died in 1976.  All of Evie Hamm Kitchens' children are now dead.  Her youngest son, Henry Kitchens, died in 2007
in Florida.  George is his son.  

Evie and Walsie Kitchens had 10 children with 7 surviving to adulthood, marrying and having children of their own.  We have
a pretty large Kitchens family descended from Evie. If you have access to, you can check out the Kitchens
family tree.  I've added all the information I could find on the Hamm side.
James  Waller  Leon  Hamm