Patent locations within Randolph County are displayed below for William J. Ham and his mother, Rebecca Ham.
Rebecca Ham's U.S. Land Patent was issued on December 1, 1851 for 39.89 acres; and William J. Ham's U.S. Land
Patent was issued exactly one year later on December 1, 1852 for 40 acres.  Additional Land Patents were issued on
December 1, 1851, to Thomas B. Ham for 40 acres; and to Washington Ham for 40 acres.  Thomas B. Ham and
Washington Ham's relationship to William J. Ham is unknown at this time, although they were likely cousins or other
close relations due to the dates of their Land Patents and the fact that they were all virtually next door neighbors.
For geographical reference, Lime, Alabama is situated about a mile west of the Alabama -- Georgia state line in the
southeastern corner of Randolph County.  The southeastern corner of Randolph County, Alabama, is shown below.  The
external markings on the county perimeter show the north-south and east-west boundaries of fractional Township 21 South;
and Range 13 East.  Randolph county's position within the state is shown below on the adjacent Alabama mini-map.  Both
Rebecca Ham and her son William J. Ham had previously lived across the state line in Heard County, Georgia.
Randolph County, Alabama
S.E. Corner of Randolph County
1851 Reference Maps & notes from Mitchell's "Modern Geography"


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Heard County, Georgia  &  Randolph County, Alabama
Heard County Georgia to Perry County, Alabama
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U.S. Land Patents issued -- Township 21S -- Range 13E -- in Randolph County