Hale County
U.S. Land Patents issued by Township & Range for Hale County, Alabama
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Note from the Bureau of Land Management    ( 1 / 12 / 2005 )

"We are currently automating the Serial Patents, which are all patents           
issued after 1908.  We add these records to our website on a weekly basis
as we go along.  We should have this group of records completed this year.

Also, please keep in mind that only the Cash and Homestead Records        
have been automated for Alabama between 1820 and 1908.  There are      
other types of land patents that have not been automated at this time".
Marv's comments:  The type of Land Patents to individuals that are not yet
included in the compiled database for Alabama from 1820 to 1908 are  
most likely to be Military Warrant Patents ( issued1788 - 1855 ) awarded for
military service to veterans or their heirs or assigns.  Additionally, Credit
Patents were issued from 1785 to 1820 for land which could optionally be
paid for in installments over a four year period or discounted for full payment
in cash.  However, it is not likely that there were many Credit Patents issued
for Hale County through 1820.  The Cash Entry Act which was authorized
on April 24, 1820, discontinued the sale of lands under the Credit System.

For Land Patents which are not yet automated (i.e., not already listed on the
BLM's website), the BLM can do a manual search for $15.25 and issue a
certified copy of the Land Patent, but they need a full legal description
including Section, Township, & Range as well as the part of the section for
which they are looking.  In other words, you would need to know precisely
what piece of property your ancestor owned before asking them to search
for the copy of the Land Patent.  My website's Hale County alphabetical lists
were compiled from the BLM's data as of January 1, 2006; and will be
updated when the BLM completes it's automation project.  If you do not find
what you are looking for here, you might check the BLM's website for it's
periodic updates.  Most updates will be for Land Patents issued after 1908.
Includes Cash Sales & Homestead Land Patents issued from 1820 to 1908 -- see notes below
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