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William J. Ham and his wife, Eliza A. Morton; their son,
John Thomas Ham; their daughter, "Mattie" (Martha J.
Ham) Hopper & her husband, Isaac Alexander Hopper;
and others unknown.
Ham(m)'s at Mt. Olive;  additional pages linked by family:
Hughey;  Miller;  Dunkin;  Townsend - Church;  Hopper
Mattie Rivers Bentley (Mattie R. Walker); James William
Hamm; Howard H. Hamm; John Morgan Hamm;
Geneva Hamm
Ham(m);  Stone;  Nichols;  Rogers;  Dunkin;
Annie Ray McCullough Stone  obituary
Ephesus Cemetery -- Northeast of Sprott, Alabama:  Families:  Ham;  Hughes;  Morton;  Hughey
Redwater Cemetery -- Redwater, Texas:  Henry T. Hamm -- his descendants & family
Marv Hamm's Genealogy Home Page -- Cemetery Index
Links to Sprott, Alabama area Cemetery photos as well as other family burial sites
Pineview Cemetery -- Selma, Alabama:  Dorothy (Dot) Elizabeth Hunter Ham (obituary); John Hughes Ham